1957 Aifloat Flagship 35 ft.
- $2300.00 -
- SOLD -

Nineteen-fifty-seven was the final year for Airfloat and their 35 ft. Flagship model
was the company's second largest offering that year, besides the even rarer
and very wild looking, 45 ft., Presidential Landyacht, which you can see here....

These two larger models were also the only Airfloats to feature a full- size
back door, with the exception of a 28 ft., 1947 Airfloat Landyacht in the
Birchwood Beauties collection, the likes of which I've never seen another,
but could be a custom order, like the '56 Landyacht with a half-back
door over the wheel wells that a collector friend of mine used to own.

Unfortunately, this Flagship has seen much better days and is in need of a complete
restoration. However, it has such a great look, plus a number of features that no other
coaches offered at the time, but mainly, it's that she's so extremely rare (I only know of two other Airfloat Flagships) that I'm sure you'll agree that this is one unique trailer coach that needs to be saved. Fortunately, she's still mostly complete too, with the exception of the original fridge and toilet. But, one of the best parts is that the original coral colored bathtub and bathroom sink, as well as the original marbled laminate surrounding them are still there and in relatively good condition, not to mention the original secretary desk in the living room. The matching stove is still with the trailer too, even though it was out when these photos were taken, plus there's a wall safe still in its original closet tool. Some of the black, port-hole windows frames are missing, but our parts bin may have a few of those available.

This coach is part of the Birchwood Beauties collection and was initially picked up
to restore. However, the collection is in the process of being thinned out and, therefore,
this Flagship...along with a number of other trailers....will now be offered for sale.